Find PII data by scanning column names and/or data in your data warehouse

October 2021

Parsing SQL queries provides superpowers for monitoring data health. This post describes how to get started on parsing SQL for data observability.

January 2021

This post describes the prerequisites as well as a methodology for a successful implementation of a data governance platform.

October 2020

This provides high level, practical tips to approach data quality.

September 2020

This post explores the different types of metadata on data and the different types of personas who use this metadata for their work.

July 2020

This post is a recap of my presentation on Data Governance 101 and is a semi-autobiographical journey in helping data teams setup data governance…

April 2020

Self Service Data Lakes require robust chargeback systems to ensure cost control and optimal ROI. Read on to discuss best practices in implementing…

March 2020

Data analysts need to know the schema of all the data sets as well as which tables and columns represent common entities. Schema detection and matching…

February 2020

This post will explore techniques to optimize the usage and cost of compute and storage in databases and data lakes.

January 2020

This edition is a survey of data catalogs for big data. Data Catalogs manage metadata of data and are a foundation for data governance, privacy and…
This issue will focus on governance, privacy and security of MySQL production databases.
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